Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

After your child’s first class, you will be required to complete an enrolment form. By doing so, you are agreeing to comply with the school’s terms and conditions. All information is held in confidence and the responsibility lies with the parent/guardian to keep the school updated (in writing) with any vital information regarding their child’s medical information, injuries, emergency contact details etc. Enrolment forms MUST be handed into class on your child’s first day.

Contact Details

We rely on having up to date Email addresses for communicating with our students and their families. If you would like us to send all Emails to a second address, please enter this on the form. If you do not have an Email address, and wish to receive hard copies instead, you must tick the box. Please inform us if your Email address changes.

Additional Information

Learning difficulties: It is vital that teachers are aware of any learning difficulties your child may have, e.g. Dyslexia, Autism etc. in order to provide the best possible teaching methods for your child’s needs.

Medical/Injury Information: The responsibility lies with the parent/guardian as to the fitness of the child to attend class and you must inform the school if your child has an injury or medical condition e.g. Asthma which may affect his/her ability to perform in class . Allergies: Is your child allergic to any medication or foods (e.g. penicillin or peanuts)?

Permission for use of student photographs & video: Background Information
When you give permission (or otherwise) for the external use of photographic and video materials, you are consenting to the following:

School Show
In order for the school to provide families with memorable footage of our main school shows (held approx. every 2 years), a reputable person/company is arranged to produce DVD’s/photographs. In this case, the school will ensure a Disclosure Scotland certificate, is applied and authorised before the event takes place.

We use photographs of students within our school website & advertising posters to give context and ensure relevance to the school’s work and activities.

One of the expected disciplines of dance is that you attend class well groomed and in the correct uniform. Your co-operation is, therefore requested in making sure that ONLY the correct uniform for your class type is worn. After your first term it is expected that you purchase the correct uniform, please see reception for uniform requirements. Hair – must be neat to the head and tied back securely if long, No jewellery or make-up may be worn. All exam uniform to be purchased from hrr.mydancestore.co.uk or on reception.

During the first few weeks assessments will be made as to which class will be suitable and fees will be payable weekly. At the beginning of the next term fees will be payable in advance at the beginning of term, weekly payment is also possible at an extra 50p per class, although eventually this will not hold your space in the school. All class fees are non-refundable. Once in your second term, all missed classes must be paid if you pay weekly at the next lesson attended, to ensure your place in the school is secure, as we will operate a waiting list. Fees must be paid by 3rd week or a charge of 10% will be added.

Email: harringtondanceacademy@gmail.com
Phone: 07447 141463

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